About Us

http://staccatomusichub.com/ by Shruti Upadhyay influences her Indian heritage to create music that is refreshingly unique. This is a musical website where you will get to listen to different types of songs. Whether on this musical website, we provide written notes, vocal notes, or instrument notes, which are basically related to classical music. You will get to listen to different types of songs on this website.

More about Shruti Upadhyay.

Shruti’s initial direction was music. But it was while she was in graduation at Delhi University that she indulged in her passion for music, and began posting her songs on other social media sites. After graduation, Shruti took a break and decided to pursue a music career full time. 

Shruti was born in Delhi Which is located in India. She performs live shows with her music academy, which is in Delhi And she likes to sing devotional songs too and she also performs in many types of jagarans which is related to devotion.

Shruti’s sound is a mix of India’s rare folklore and classical music with the blend of funk and blues.

They feature voices singing in Hindi, English, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri and Rajasthani languages, making it a diverse linguistic experience. 

She grew up singing Indian Classical music, and is currently learning many different languages and taking voice lessons too. When Shruti wasn’t singing, or writing and wasn’t posting songs to social media sites, she was enjoying the warm weather, Cricket, listening to music, and studying. Shruti continues to explore the new directions that music takes her and truly hopes you will join her on this journey.